Our Family

The Joel Haynes Family have been missionaries to the Navajo since 2009. Bro. Joel grew up on the Reservation as a missionary kid and returned home with joy at the Lord's calling to continue reaching a people he considers his own. The Haynes are sent out of Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington, TX where both Bro. Joel and Mrs. Fabi received their Bible College education. They are blessed with five boys - Joel (Jr.), Judah, Joseph, Justus and Jonas. Bro. and Mrs. Haynes call the boys their 'mighty men'.

Bro. Joel was saved by God's grace at age four and surrendered to preach at age fourteen. He was led to Christ by his mother and biblically baptized by his father and longtime missionary, Mark Haynes.
Mrs. Fabi was saved by God's grace at age fifteen out of the darkness of Catholicism and surrendered her life to full-time Christian service shortly thereafter. She was led to Christ by the wife of our former pastor, Mrs. Diana Smith, and baptized by our former pastor, Dr. Bob W. Smith.

The Joel Haynes Family Picture 2021

Our Ministry

Bro. Joel grew up on the Reservation as a missionary’s son and has now served with his own family full-time among the Navajo for twelve years. During these twelve years God has blessed Bro. Joel and Mrs. Fabiola with five boys, raised their support, allowed them to see eight brand new churches planted and enabled the establishing of Ganado Baptist Bible College where Native American men and women receive training for Christian service. Of these eight church plants, the Haynes Family have personally planted three, while assisting GBBC graduates and fellow missionaries in the planting of the others. Bro. Joel administrates Ganado Baptist Bible College which averages over a dozen students each semester and preaches about twenty meetings a year across the country promoting church planting, missions and personal revival.
In 2012, God gave the Haynes Family the vision to see 10 new churches planted among the Navajo over the next 15 years. Initially, this vision was met by many with cynicism and sarcasm. Nevertheless, the Lord has shown Himself more than able by allowing the first eight churches to be planted. In the coming years, the Haynes Family believes God will bless with the establishment of many more church plants than was originally envisioned! The Haynes are currently assisting a Navajo couple in the planting of a work in Chinle, AZ and are personally heading up the establishment of Strong Hold Baptist Church in Pinon, AZ. Their goal for the future is to establish the church in Pinon as a pattern work, and raise up choice servants from the congregation to plant churches in the eight communities surrounding Pinon. They believe the Lord would also have them launch a mobile training institute, radio station and other ministries that will strengthen the works that have been established.

The Haynes Family are missionaries to the largest Tribe and Indian Reservation in America, the Navajo Nation. Covering nearly 30,000 square miles, the Reservation is larger than the state of West Virginia. Its boundaries cover portions of three states; Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. There are approximately 300,000 Navajos living on the “Rez.” The greatest battles the Haynes Family must face among the Navajo people is that of Native Traditionalism, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and the Casinos. With an unemployment rate of over 48% there are many of our people who drink and gamble away their meager income with no thought of family or future. Coming to Navajo country is like stepping into a third world country right within the borders of the United States. Much of the Navajo Nation still lives without running water or electricity. In spite of the obstacles God has developed a spirit of openness to the Gospel like never before among the Navajo. There has never been a greater time or opportunity to reach Navajo people than today!